5 reasons to eat local

Local is the way to go! 🌱 . Here are five reasons why you should buy local food from a local farmer! 👨‍🌾 . . Reason number ONE! Local produce, eggs, and meat tastes better than that which you get at the the store. If you have any doubts, then try for yourself and taste the difference! TWO! Local food is fresher. Since it’s local, the food hasn’t had to be shipped around the state, or the world in some cases. The eggs you get at the store can easily be two months old once they’re in your cart!😝 THREE! Local food is good for the environment! Local farms helps build up the land instead of tearing it down, like conventional or large monocultural farms do. Small local farms help sequester carbon, and heal the land. FOUR! Local farms are good for building communities. Buying from a local farmer ensures you have a relationship with the food and who grew it. You also know you are supporting the farmer and his family! FIVE! Local food is an investment in your children’s and grandchildren’s FUTURE. By buying, eating, and supporting local farms, you are helping to ensure that there will be operating farms in the future. Many factory farms rely heavily on fossil fuel to grow, package, and transport food across the nation, and who knows where this may end up with the many factory farms running today. THAT is why you should do your children, your community, earth, and yourself a favor by supporting local farms, and the farmers who work hard year long to bring the gift of good food.